Defender Program

The Sheepdawg Union Defender Program is specially designed for schools, businesses and churches to learn how to counter and respond to emergency situations. From life saving medical aid to defending yourself and others from an active shooter, students will leave each of these courses with the knowledge and confidence in themselves to be able to perform crucial tasks, even in the most stressful environments.

Included as part of our Defender Program are Pistol 1 and CHL/LTC. More information can be found on these courses on our "TRAINING" tab. Customers can utilize our entire Defender Program or tailor the program to your specific needs by simply letting us know which individual courses you want to offer to your staff.


TECC(Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

TECC is a 2 day course that consists of an 8 hour classroom portion on day 1, and a 4 hour practical application portion on day 2. The first day will be a relaxed, learning atmosphere for students to learn the fundamentals of emergency medical care. Just some of the topics covered will be applying tourniquets and bandages, stopping massive hemorrhaging from all parts of the body, patient shock and trauma management, and much more.  Our team of instructors consists of combat medics and former military personnel with decades of experience implementing these same techniques in combat situations. The second day of instruction is for our students to put what they have learned into practice through stressful and chaotic scenarios. We encourage our "patients" to make the situation as realistic as possible and we add a few twists of our own so students are exposed to an array of possible outcomes. This course will open the eyes of anyone to the harsh realities of being unprepared.

Active Shooter Scenario Training

Sheepdawg Union Active Shooter training will ensure you understand how to be aware of your surroundings and mold your mindset to always be ready. In this course we instruct you in your own facility how to use the items you have on hand or in your vicinity to increase your chances of surviving a deadly force encounter. We cover topics like de-escalation of hostile persons, room barricading techniques, room clearing and so much more. The knowledge gained in this class could save your life or the lives of those you are responsible for.




Sheepdawg Union Self-Defense course is for students who want to further increase their probability of getting out of a hostile situation alive. Not all threats to teachers, business managers, and even church members and staff are active shooters. Our instructors will pass on practical military and law enforcement self-defense techniques that are easy to learn and anyone can use. A few of the topics covered are bladed weapon defense, fighting off a larger aggressor, and even basic pressure points. Students will walk away confident in their own ability to survive a physical altercation or attack.

Motivational Speaking

Team building stories of survival and having the will to never quit! Overcoming undeniable odds and pushing through the urge to give up and instead becoming successful in your job and life as a whole!

Personal Security

Training and personnel to support your event or agenda with 27 years of experience in protecting dignitaries and high level military/government leadership. We provide surveillance and counter-surveillance, as well as security and route selection to and from events and meetings.

Special Operations Experience (SOE)

Come find out if you have what it takes to be a Special Forces operator or ever wondered if you have what it takes! Come experience the different levels of intensity in training and indoctrination used by all 4 special operations communities. This challenge will be 3 days of the “suck” and is a fraction of what special operations forces soldiers go through to make the cut in their prospective fields.

Mobile Training Team

If you have a range, school or business and want to get realistic and common sense training, we can come to you with our mobile teams who have trained in over 50 countries and 100 different agencies, schools and businesses. We will come to you and train on your grounds. Call for more details!

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